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Secret Service Just Pounded Down Celeb’s Door And Delivered Karma After Sick Trick On Trump

That didn’t end well!



President Trump has been doing an amazing job in the White House since he started occupying it in January of 2017. However, he’s been faced with Democrats trying to take him down ever since he won the 2016 presidential election. Some slander his name and attempt to ruin his good reputation with the American people. Which is why this latest news story of a comedian who played a childish trick on him will not shock you, but it could make you lose a little bit of your faith in humanity along the way.

The Hill reported:

“Comedian John Melendez claimed in a series of tweets late Friday night that the Secret Service came to his door after he says he tricked President Trump into speaking with him on the phone. “Secret Service at my door,” Melendez tweeted. “I guess my old friend Donald wants to continue this. Stay tuned.” Melendez made headlines Friday after he uploaded audio to his podcast, “The Stuttering John Podcast,” purporting to reveal him posing as Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and briefly speaking with the president about immigration.

Melendez blasted the Secret Service attempt to arrest him as “unbelievable,” tweeting that they should arrest presidential adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner “for putting the call through.” “Shame on Donald Trump who has been a friend of mine for years,” he tweeted. The comedian said that he did not answer the door and the agents left without arresting him, but that his neighbors “said they showed their badges.” Melendez also said that Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing adult-film star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against Trump, has offered to represent him if necessary.

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Michael Avvenati has agreed to consider repping me, but right now, seriously I’m n the lamb. I can’t say at my house because I have my kids this weekend & it’s my last opportunity before I go the big house… that’s my ex- wife’s house, she got everything in the divorce. — John Melendez (@stutteringjohnm) June 29, 2018.”

The Washington Post reported:

“On Thursday, John Melendez said he had prank-called the president of the United States — on Air Force One no less — and was irked that the news media hadn’t taken widespread notice of what, in his particular line of work, would amount to a Super Bowl victory. Two days later, Melendez said he stood quietly behind his front door, hoping that Secret Service agents who had come knocking would leave without a fuss. He said that agents later identified themselves to his neighbors. For Melendez, better known by his moniker on the “Howard Stern Show,” Stuttering John, the recognition that a wider audience was taking notice of his presidential prank had come in speedy, potentially arrestable fashion. In the call, posted on Melendez’s podcast, the comic poses as Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and appears to be patched through to Trump while the president is aboard Air Force One on his way back to Washington after a rally in Fargo, N.D.

Of course, it is difficult to independently verify whether Melendez actually reached the president. The prank could be on Melendez’s listeners, not Trump. Neither the White House nor the Secret Service have returned calls to confirm Melendez’s claims about the prank call and resulting visit. In the audio recording of “The Stuttering John Podcast,” a voice that sounds a lot like President Trump’s says “Hi, Bob,” before going on to congratulate “Menendez.” The New Jersey Democrat fended off a challenger this month in a closer-than-expected Senate primary after avoiding conviction in a federal corruption trial last year. “You went through a tough, tough situation — and I don’t think a very fair situation — but congratulations,” says the voice that sounds like Trump’s. Melendez and “Trump” then chat about immigration policy and the process of choosing a Supreme Court nominee before wrapping up their conversation a few minutes later.

“You take care,” the voice that sounds like Trump’s says at the end of the call. “I will speak to you soon, Bob. Take care of yourself.” The supposed prank call with the president follows reports that Trump’s use of government-issued smartphones may open him up to security risks. The president also faced criticism last year for discussing the sensitive issue of how the United States should respond to a North Korean ballistic missile test while on the terrace of his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, as waiters and curious patrons watched and snapped photos. Melendez, who left Stern’s show in 2004 and went on to work as an announcer for Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show,” has long been known for ambushing celebrities with embarrassing questions. In one appearance, he asked Gennifer Flowers at her 1992 news conference about her affair with Bill Clinton, “Will you be sleeping with any other presidential candidates?”

What this foolish comedian does not understand is that he just greatly damaged the already acrimonious relationship between the press and the White House. That relationship is sacred to the democracy of the United States and he very well could have hurt it.

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CNN Reporter Tried To Get ‘Cute’ With Melania, She Proved She’s Way More Than A Pretty Face

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First lady Melania Trump’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham posted a sharp response to a CNN reporter who asked if Melania likes to watch CNN on Twitter Wednesday.

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It was a war of words when Meghan McCain of “The View” nearly jumped out of her seat to verbally slap one of her co-hosts with some hot-handed truths. It took a few words from Meghan McCain to bring her co-host back to reality as they were bashing President Trump and his personal life as not being an example, even though everything people say about him is nothing more than an accusation to crush his character.

When “The View” co-host Sara Haines complained on Monday that “the day and age of a moral leader left possibly with President Obama,” Meghan McCain clapped back immediately.

“What era was that?” McCain asked, “when JFK was sleeping with Marilyn Monroe?”

During a discussion about Michael Cohen’s recorded conversation with President Trump, Meghan McCain challenged the narrative by saying that she was far more concerned with current foreign policy concerns than with the president’s personal life.

“Can I admit something, and maybe you will pass harsh judgment on me? I don’t care as much about his personal life and which Playboy bunny he slept with. That’s between him and Melania. I care about what’s going on with Iran. I care about all this foreign policy stuff. That’s what scares me …

I’m more scared of North Korea than the president’s personal life.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin then made the claim that if Trump can’t be faithful to his wife, he can’t be faithful to the American people.

Sara Haines jumped in, saying that President Obama was the last president who could really be held up as a good example. She explained, “I think the day and age of a moral leader left, possibly, with President Obama, so I feel like those values … there used to be a time we waved our president in front of young kids and said, ‘You can be this.’ I think that time might have ended, sadly.”

McCain fired back immediately, asking, “What era was that? When JFK was sleeping with Marilyn Monroe? They all had liaisons.”

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