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Kneeling Jaguar & Rams Players HORRIFIED By What They See Overhead During Nasty Anthem Protest



Former fans of the National Football league have protested in many different ways. Some have just stopped watching, some have actually made a show of burning their NFL gear and or tickets and posted it on social media. But an inventive boycotter came up with something a little different, to do.

Apparently, no audience was too big for the disgruntled former fan. He had an idea and the means to do it. And since this is a free country where we can peacefully protest any way we want, that’s just what he did. Terry Smiley, a Jacksonville native, was pretty upset about how his team acted, so he told them about it in giant letters, for all to see.

Action News Jax reported that Smiley hired a pilot to pull a banner that encouraged fellow Jacksonvillians to boycott the team:

A man from Green Cove Springs took his issues with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the NFL to the sky on Sunday.

Terry Smiley had the message printed on a banner that was flown above EverBank Field before the Jacksonville Jaguars’ game against the Los Angeles Rams. 

This all-American sport is dividing fans after some NFL players took a knee during the national anthem.

“I am asking people to boycott the football games. I don’t watch it on TV,” Smiley said. 

People’s feelings about politics and football seem to bleed together on the turf. 

“People need to realize the true message that they’re trying to send,” Jaguars fan Jay Crossman said. 

If there were going to be a medal for the most dedicated to the boycott, this guy should get it. He’s not only sending the message to his friends and family, he paid for it to be flown right over the player’s heads so they could see his disdain.

Many of the entitled millionaire players who have been participating in this boycott consider it to be their right to protest, and until the teams say that they can’t, it is. It’s also the right of every betrayed fan to make them regret it in any legal way possible. This is an American who’s ready to put his money where his mouth is, and obviously, he’s making waves.

Smiley is not only interested in getting the boycott more strength, but he has a few questions that he’d like to ask the players:

“Do you believe in your country? Do you believe in ‘The Star-Spangle Banner?’ If you don’t stand up for it now, you won’t have it in the future,” Smiley said. 

As a former Jags fan, he hired a pilot to fly his banner over the stadium for two hours to send his message about players kneeling. 

“I have the right to protest and I’m going to protest it with bumper stickers, airplanes – whatever I go to do. I will continue to protest,” Smiley said.

He does have the right to protest, just like they do. And unlike the football players in question, he’s not taking the money of the people that he’s protesting against. The players in the NFL may be employed by the teams, but we are the team’s customers, so it’s our dollars that they’re spending on those fancy knee pads that they’re keeping in the dirt.

Some fans are on the offense, saying players are kneeling for a greater cause – equality. 

“They are taking it in a peaceful manner. They are trying to use their words and use their actions instead of taking it to violence,” Jaguars fan Jaumari Day said. 

“They have publicly stated that they care about veterans and the flag and that’s not what they’re kneeling against,” Crossman said. 

Smiley is giving away bumper stickers in hopes his supporters will join him and boycott NFL football. 

NFL protest florida

“We boycott them and we hit them in the pocketbook where it (hurts) them. (Before) long, we’ll have them on both of their knees,” Smiley said. 

“We have people who are legitimate concerns who happen to be NFL players. They still live in the community. They have a right to protest. That’s (Smiley’s) right. Just like the NFL players who take their knee that’s their right. He has the right to do what he is doing,” Jaguars fan Calvin Sinclair said. 


The very pointed message that Smiley sent to the Jaguars players is one that many of us have wanted to send for a long time but were unable to find a large enough platform for. The problem that fans have the with the NFL players is not that they have a differing opinion than us. We might think that they’re wrong, but they’re allowed to be wrong, that’s the beauty of America.

The problem that we have is that our hard earned dollars are going toward giving them an international platform on which to flip off the American flag. You don’t have to agree with a person in order to live peaceably with them, but you do have to agree with them in order to fund the furthering of their agenda. Smiley found a way to hit back, and we’re all glad he did.

[H/T: Action News Jax]

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Al Waisman

Can You Guess What This Maverick Navy Pilot Drew In The Sky That Everyone Was Shocked To See

Wow! This is Huge!



And once again we have people who have nothing better to do with their lives making a mountain out of a molehill.

This time, several residents in Okanogan County took photos of an “artwork” done by a Navy Pilot and posted them on social media. One mother even went as far as calling the local news to complain and saying that she was upset she might have to explain to her young children what the drawings were. I don’t think you have much to worry about since your kids probably already know more than even you claim to know.

The FAA confirmed that some pilots at NAS Whidbey did some skywriting on that day. But an FAA official said there’s nothing they can do about this stunt because they “cannot police morality.” However, officials from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island admitted that one of their aircraft was used, and issued a statement to apologize. Claiming they just didn’t see it coming and added that the US Navy holds its aircrew to the highest standards and that they find this stunt absolutely unacceptable and of zero training value. They added that they are in the process of holding the crew accountable and that disciplinary steps will be taken as soon as they get to the bottom of this incident.

OMG, People, it’s time to lighten up. No crime no foul. If any mother has a hard time explaining this to their children it’s because they are failing as a parent. And it’s nothing worse than what the far left machine is teaching kids in the classroom about sex while they indoctrinate the new generation to be a bunch of brain dead left wing zombies that would make “Uncle Marx” beam with pride.

WND Reports:


Americans warned, ‘Get off of Facebook, turn off the TV, and educate yourself’

Public education in America today is almost the opposite of education, according to an education expert who calls the nation’s schooling “indoctrination.”

“This isn’t some kind of huge national accident that all these legions of Ph.D experts and all these legions of committees and the U.S. Department of Education – it’s not that they’re just incompetent fools and don’t know what they’re doing,” said international journalist and educator Alex Newman. “They want the system to be doing what it’s doing, and that is destroying real education.”

Real education, according to Newman, means developing knowledgeable, well-rounded Americans who can think critically, process information, make good decisions, support themselves and serve the needs of society.

In other words, real education produces productive members of a capitalist society.

“That’s what you do in a free market,” Newman said. “If you want to profit, you have to serve your fellow man. If you want to have a business, you have to make sure you’re selling a product that they’re willing to purchase at a price that they’re willing to purchase.

“So that’s what an education is, is to create an individual who can take care of themselves, who understands the Scripture, who understands history, who understands science, who understands, obviously, reading and writing and basic mathematics at the very least,” he said.

Newman made these comments during a recent appearance on “The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show.”

Jesse Lee Peterson, host of the show and a wildly popular WND columnist, already knew something was wrong with the American education system.

“One of the reasons I started my private school, BOND Leadership Academy, for boys and girls grades 1 through 12, was because I noticed that these boys and girls are not being educated – especially the boys. They’re coming out dumbed down rather than educated,” said Peterson, author of “Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America.”

According to Newman, government schools are no longer teaching the components of a real education.

In Newman’s book “Crimes of the Educators,” co-authored with the late Samuel Blumenfeld, Newman condemned the “whole-word method” of teaching children to read. In this method, kids are taught to memorize words as if they were pictures, rather than sounding out the word based on the letters that form it. Newman calls it a “quack method” of teaching reading.

Newman also wrote in his book about how progressives have scrubbed the public schools of God and religion. He writes that they have rewritten American history textbooks to downplay patriotism and prepare children to be global citizens. They have confused children by focusing on mathematics to the exclusion of basic arithmetic, which people need to use in their daily lives, he says.

“Crimes of the Educators” reveals how the architects of America’s public school disaster implemented a plan to socialize the United States by knowingly and willingly dumbing down the population

 In the author’s estimation, it all adds up to indoctrination.

“We need to draw a clear, defining line between education, which enables people to know how to think, versus what the government is doing today, which is indoctrination, training people what to think rather than how to think and how to process information and how to have critical thinking ability,” Newman explained.

The public education system is too far gone to be saved, Newman argues, largely because progressive educators such as John Dewey designed it specifically to dumb down and indoctrinate children. Therefore, he says modern education reformers need to start over if they wish to save the system.

“If we’re going to have government-provided education, we really need to start from the very beginning, from the very foundation and build on a new foundation that’s based on proper reading, proper writing and real knowledge – not indoctrination,” he said. “And for that to happen, we’ve got to start from scratch and we’ve got to build from there, because the system, I think, is too far gone, it’s too corrupt to be salvaged.”

It’s possible for publicly educated children and adults to overcome the indoctrination, Newman asserted, but it’s very difficult.

“If you subject yourself to a government school or you subject your children to a government school, you’re automatically starting with a huge handicap because a government school is scientifically designed to dumb you down,” he said. “And it is possible to bypass that, but it takes very, very hard work.”

Those wishing to overcome the dumbing-down process need someone who can teach them to read properly, according to Newman. Once they can read well, they can acquire knowledge and truth independently and receive a real education.

“You’re not going to get the truth out of the government schools any more than you’re going to get the truth from the far-left media,” Newman warned.

He offered further advice for adults wishing to educate themselves: Read books.

“They hide all the secrets in the books,” he quipped. “Get books. Make sure you have a big library stocked with information on everything you need to know: history, economics, politics, culture, science – we all need to be well-rounded people, and if we’re going to educate others, we need to be educated ourselves.

“So there’s a lot of great sources out there, but I really recommend people just need to expand their libraries, get off of Facebook, turn off the TV, and educate yourself with books the old-fashioned way. I think there’s really no shortcut.”

Please share if you agree it’s time parents start worrying more about what the left wing teachers teach and less about a childish stunt a naval aviator pulls….

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BREAKING: Trump Has Just Been Sentenced To Death, Here’s Who Signed His Life Away



President Trump has just been sentenced to death. No, you’re not reading a headline from the satire website The Onion…and no, you didn’t just wake up in an alternate universe where liberals’ wet dreams come true. The President of the United States has just been sentenced to death and here’s who’s behind it…

If there’s one person on the face of the planet who hates Trump more than Muslims and liberals, it’s the chubby dictator Kim Jong-un. Trump gives zero craps when it comes to trampling on the feelings of the dictator who keeps declaring to blow America to smithereens, where Trump decided to nickname Kim as the “rocket man,” resulting in “Little Kim” ramping up his anti-American rhetoric even further in recent weeks. In the wake of Trump daring to mock the “supreme leader,” Kim Jong-un has issued an unbelievable order to have Trump killed, which is actually hilarious when you consider that this raging lunatic lives on the other side of the globe and possesses zero ability to even carry out his childish treats.

The Daily Mail reported that North Korea has just issued a “tirade against Trump” and has sentenced our president “to death” for daring to insult the supreme leader. The ridiculous threats came just hours after Trump returned from Asia, where North Korea’s propaganda has kicked into high gear, labeling Trump a “hideous criminal” who is hereby “sentenced to death by the Korean people.”

Kim Jong-un

“The commentary added that the President has revealed his ‘true colors as an old lunatic, mean trickster and human reject’ following his 12-day, five country tour of the region,” The Daily Mail reported. “The fiery comments appear to be in response to a speech Trump delivered in South Korea last week, where the President took direct aim at North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and the ‘dark fantasy’ at the heart of his regime.”

Trump apparently got Little Kim’s giant panties in a wad, after Trump dared to insult his royal highness, calling North Korea a dictatorship that needs to be destroyed.

“Every step you take down this dark path increases the peril you face,” Trump had stated about the communist leader. “North Korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned,’ he added. ‘It is a hell that no person deserves.”

The Daily Mail further exposed the hilarity of Kim Jong-un’s threats, as it’s been the dictator’s M.O. for quite some time to simply kill off anyone who dares to say anything negative or mean about him.

“In response, the North Korean government lambasted Trump as a hypocritical, greedy thief who the regime ‘sentenced to death’ for his numerous insults against the Kim Jong Un and the ‘Korean people. Trump, who is no more than an old slave of money, dared point an accusing finger at the sun. He should know that he is just a hideous criminal sentenced to death by the Korean people. He will be forced to pay dearly for his blasphemy any moment,” The Daily Mail concluded.

If Little Kim actually gotthe opportunity to kill Trump, how do you supposed he’d do it? Perhaps he’d challenge Trump to a game of chubby bunny? Or maybe he’d sit on Trump and suffocate him? Or perhaps he’d challenge Trump to a duel, and Kim could bust out the archaic collection of weapons that he’s so found of.

Trump had a hilarious response on twitter after being sentenced to death by the dictator tweeting out: “Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me ‘old,’ when I would NEVER call him ‘short and fat?’ Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend – and maybe someday that will happen!”

But in all seriousness, for a world leader to “sentence the President of the United States to death” sheds light on just what a raging lunatic this guy truly is, and given that this guy possesses the nuclear capability to blow America to smithereens, we should probably keep close tabs on this guy. But I guarantee that if President Trump truly feels his life or the lives of the American people are being threatened by this psychotic man-child, our President will not hesitate to take out military action and send blast Little Kim and his army of underdeveloped man-child mongols straight to back to the stone age where they belong.



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Libs Just Made SICK Sexual Accusation Of Trump While Massive Groping Scandal Is Underway Among Dems



If there’s one thing that liberals are incredibly skilled at, it’s being professional whiners. But things have taken a drastic turn for the worst since election night, where fetal positions, safe spaces, and public tantrums are now just typical behavior by the snowflakes of the left, as they still haven’t found a meaningful way to cope with Hillary not getting elected into the White House. You’d think that after 9 months of a new president in office that liberals would finally grow bored of inventing stupid things to complain about when it comes to Trump, but that’s strangely not the case. They’ve now taken things to a whole new level, and what liberals are now blaming Trump for is so incredibly ridiculous, that it will have you dying with laughter…

When it comes to President Trump, he can never do anything right in the minds of liberals. They whined about the “mean face” he made in his official White House portrait. They continue to make a big deal about the way he shakes people’s hands. The latest “scandal” this morning was how Trump had to take TWO sips of water during a televised speech on Wednesday (OH THE HORROR), where they’re now mercilessly mocking him across social media. (Apparently Trump being human and requiring water is now a scandal-worthy act in our country worthy of mention.)

OH THE HORROR! President Trump had to break and take a sip of water during a speech because he was thirsty

While the simplest things Trump does continues to cause massive snowflake meltdown on almost a daily basis, you won’t believe what liberals are now blaming Trump for. Liberals are now convinced that President Trump has RUINED THEIR SEX LIVES and claim they have the statistical data to back up it up. 

“According to a new survey from Unbound, a group that specializes in ‘the sexual lifestyle,‘ the President of the United States is ruining his citizens’ sex lives. According to the survey, fewer people are having sex than before the 2016 election. And even those who managed to keep their libidos active say that they don’t enjoy sex as much as they did just a little over a year ago,” Truth Exam reported.

Here’s the results of their “scientific” survey:

• 34 percent reported having less sex after the election
• 18 percent said their enjoyment of sex had decreased.
• 17 percent said politics was a “new consideration in their dating life.

Oh but it’s not just sex lives of liberals that Trump is “ruining.” According to this data liberals have produced, Trump is also destroying their personal well being, relationships with family members, their work lives, relationship with their friends,  dating lives, as well as their relationships with their significant others.

In response to the question “In what areas of your life have you felt the impact of our political climate?” 507 people responded with, essentially, “all of the areas!”

• 79 percent, my personal well being.
• 53 percent, my relationship with my family.
• 51 percent, my work life.
• 46 percent, my relationship with my friends.
• 26 percent, my dating life.
• 24 percent, my relationship with my significant other.

Oh and let’s not forget all the liberal women who are blaming Trump for their weight gain. (Because it’s now somehow Trump’s fault that these women are unable to get off their flabby fat behinds and get to the gym.)

If Donald Trump is truly killing the sex lives of liberals, we should consider ourselves lucky. If liberals suddenly stopped reproducing, just think of the drastic improvements our country could make within just a short generation! There’d be no one trying to confiscate our guns, the Muslim invasion of our country would stop, most of Americans would get off of food-stamps and actually get a freaking job, and the pussification of our society would abruptly cease, as there would be no new snowflakes bred into existence then able to vomit their opinions into the universe.

Who knew that “making America great again” was simply Trump’s plan to become president so that liberals would no longer want to reproduce! This man is much smarter than we gave him credit for! Pure genius!

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