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The Secret Service Just SWARMED Vice President Pence’s House Ahead of Christmas



It’s usually the President you think of when the Secret Service shows up, but this time was different. While they’re obligated to take a bullet for the President of the United States, the Secret Service is also tasked with protecting his entire family, the Vice President, and his entire family, and former presidents and their families. It’s not an easy task, but it’s done daily to near perfection.

Just the other day an unusually large number of Secret Service agents were spotted at Mike Pence’s house – but it wasn’t because of any emergency that one may have thought if they saw what was going on. Anytime you see a large amount of Secret Service swarming the area, you automatically imagine the worst- some cinematic movie theater scene of chaos, guns blazing, and people diving on the President or Vice President. This was much different. In fact, so different that you wouldn’t even guess what was going on.

Pence invited the Secret Service over for an early Christmas party to celebrate the conclusion of the first year with the new administration.

According to Freedom DailyVice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen hosted Secret Service members and their families for a dinner and get together to honor them for their service.

One picture showed the Vice President bending over with a son of one of his Secret Service officers and giving him a play car toy. The little boy was wearing a sweater and a bow tie. All the kids had the opportunity to see the numerous Christmas Trees around the house as well as visit with the Vice President and his wife.

 The pictures of the event show how beautifully decorated their residence was. Turns out that over forty volunteers offered up their time to decorate the Vice Presidential residence for free. Their decorations included a bountiful door wreath and a large star hanging on the wall.

Give them a look below:

It doesn’t seem like any major news outlets covered the story, and why would they? Anything that humanizes part of the Trump administration won’t make the cut. Anything that shows the Presidential team showing signs of respect and loyalty to those who protect them wouldn’t be worthy of today’s mainstream news.

That doesn’t mean that Mike and his wife Karen haven’t been busy. In fact, according to a White House Press release:

As Christmas approaches, Second Lady Karen Pence visited with children receiving medical care to give them coloring books and crayons while also offering encouraging words to them and their families. First, Mrs. Pence visited patients, families, and staff members at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC. Upon arrival, she was greeted by Katie Wallace, the Child Life Coordinator, and Eileen Ferrell, Chief Nursing Officer. The staff led Mrs. Pence to the in-patient area where she met with young patients. The Second Lady spoke with the children and their families and gave them coloring books and crayons. Then, Mrs. Pence visited the pediatric outpatient hematology/oncology clinic. There, she visited the art therapy program that is provided by Tracy’s Kids.

She gave a child who was meeting with one of the art therapists a coloring book and crayons. She gave the art therapist a charm bracelet in appreciation for her work in art therapy. “The children at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital provide so much inspiration and hope,” said Mrs. Pence. “I was encouraged by the positive spirits and laughter and appreciate the opportunity to share some time with them during this holiday season.” “We’re so pleased to have a visit from Mrs. Pence to help brighten the days of our sick children who unfortunately must be hospitalized so close to the holidays,” said Eileen Ferrell, Chief Nursing Officer. “We thank her for the smiles she spread here today at MedStar Georgetown.”

Mrs. Pence also visited children at the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Washington, DC. Upon arrival, the Second Lady was greeted by Julie Lowe, Director of Marketing and Community Engagement, and Dustin Davis, Director of Operations. Then, Mrs. Pence met with children and their families and gave them coloring books and crayons. To date, the two Ronald McDonald Houses in Washington, DC and Fairfax, Virginia have served over 23 Pediatric departments from 16 hospitals and doctors’ offices, including children from Neonatal ICU, Cardiac ICU, Pediatric Transplant, and Hematology and Oncology.”

Did former President Obama or his Vice President Joe Biden ever treat the Secret Service agents tasked with protecting them with the same kind of party?

I searched but was unable to locate a story about it. Does that mean they didn’t receive the same level of support and respect as they are now?

The Secret Service and those who protect our world leaders deserve so much more respect for the hard work they do.

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Frank Lea




Another day, another swamp. More drainage is happening everywhere we look these days. No swamp is safe from the Trump effect that’s traveled across the globe to find a billionaire anti-Trumper and many others arrested in connection with anti-corruption investigations. It looks like anyone who doubted or talked trash on Trump is finally getting drained from the swamp. Just because Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is a prominent billionaire investor who lives across the globe, doesn’t mean he’s safe from being tossed out of the swamp like a filthy fishing bobber.

The same guy who trash talked Trump back in 2015 was arrested with at least 24 others in an investigation that appears to be slanted towards involvement in some form of corruption. It might also be an attempted power grab from opposing forces who want to see Alwaleed take it down a notch.

NYTimes reports:
“He controls the investment firm Kingdom Holding and is one of the world’s richest men, owning or having owned major stakes in 21st Century Fox, Citigroup, Apple, Twitter and many other well-known companies. The prince also controls satellite television networks watched across the Arab world.

The sweeping campaign of arrests appears to be the latest move to consolidate the power of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the favorite son and top adviser of King Salman.

At 32, the crown prince is already the dominant voice in Saudi military, foreign, economic and social policies, stirring murmurs of discontent in the royal family that he has amassed too much personal power, and at a remarkably young age.”

It seems like we’re talking about a Jedi from Star Wars, but this is real life on the other side of the sea in Saudi Arabia. One might get a cheap laugh out of calling them princes and kings, but their bank account sure isn’t much of a joke! Their way of life and titles may differ from those in America, but they live a life of politics very similar to ours which is one filled with more drama than watching a 24-hour binge of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Judging by what the NYTimes reported, it seems like there’s a struggle between the King and multiple people, including anti-Trumper Prince Alwaleed who spoke very poorly of then Presidential candidate Trump back in 2015. NYTimes reported a hotel evacuation, an airport being closed, and all as part of a plan to prevent people from fleeing and avoiding their arrest.

“The king had decreed the creation of a powerful new anti-corruption committee, headed by the crown prince, only hours before the committee ordered the arrests.

Al Arabiya said that the anticorruption committee has the right to investigate, arrest, ban from travel, or freeze the assets of anyone it deems corrupt.

The Ritz Carlton hotel in Riyadh, the de facto royal hotel, was evacuated on Saturday, stirring rumors that it would be used to house detained royals. The airport for private planes was closed, arousing speculation that the crown prince was seeking to block rich businessmen from fleeing before more arrests.”

This plays out like the script of a movie, but this is how it all unfolded as people were arrested. Sounds like an elaborate plot to contain people before they ran away too far to avoid arrest. President Trump must have gotten the last laugh after learning about his Twitter foe being arrested under the anti-corruption investigations.

“Prince Alwaleed was giving interviews to the Western news media as recently as late last month about subjects like so-called crypto currencies and Saudi Arabia’s plans for a public offering of shares in its state oil company, Aramco.

He has also recently sparred publicly with President Donald J. Trump. The prince was part of a group of investors who bought control of the Plaza Hotel in New York from Mr. Trump, and he also bought an expensive yacht from him as well. But in a twitter message in 2015 the prince called Mr. Trump “a disgrace not only to the GOP but to all America.”

Trump is President now, so how’s that working out? Great for America, that’s how.

Let’s make things a bit more intense. There’s word on the interwebs that Trump’s Internet sparring partner was a pro-Hillary Clinton Foundation donor, shoveling upwards of $25 million their way.

It’s physically impossible for humans to count out loud to one million, but it should’ve been illegal for people to donate 25 million to a foundation that has been so heavily criticized over the years.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Waleed’s bail was set at $6 billion.

“Saudi authorities are demanding at least $6 billion from Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal to free him from detention, people familiar with the matter said, potentially putting the global business empire of one of the world’s richest men at risk.”

What do you think happens next?

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BREAKING NEWS Out Of D.C. – Trump Has Had ENOUGH! Finally Erases Obama From History!




On CNN, back in October, former Obama adviser David Axelrod told host Michael Smerconish that President Donald Trump is “trying to obliterate” Obama’s legacy. Anderson Cooper made a similar observation, stating that things look “surprisingly personal.” Although what Trump just did may not truly have anything to do with personal matters, but it may seem like that to some who oppose Trump. Some people already say Trump is slowly erasing Obama’s legacy or is Trump simply making things better and people are taking it the wrong way?

In the case of the Obama legacy, Democrats lost over 1,000 state and federal Democrat seats, including congressional and state legislative seats, governorships and the presidency, under his tenure. It’s not hard to see why since Obama’s legacy entailed the rise of ISIS, subpar economic growth following the weakest recovery since WWII, exploding healthcare costs, and a record national debt.

We’ve already seen what taking the opposite approach of Obama has done – destroying ISIS, bringing economic growth back above 3%, unemployment numbers improving, and a surging stock market.

Trump really is erasing every creation of Obama that he can. Among them includes a government site called “We the People” that was reportedly setup back in 2011. The idea behind the site was that if a petition started there reached 100,000 signatures with 30 days, it would receive an official response from the White House. The supposed site cost a few million dollars per year to run, but it’s unclear where that money went because it certainly didn’t go towards paying people to monitor the site as well as that well. In August of 2013, there were 30 petitions which met the signature threshold, and it took the government an average of 240 days to respond to them. Of 323 petitions that met their thresholds, they sped up their response time to 117 days.

Due to the excessive cost and lagged response time, Trump is kissing it goodbye for now until a better system is released. According to The Hill, The “We The People” website, was taken down on Tuesday at midnight,
Officials told the Associated Press that platform will be replaced with a new website in late January and that all of the existing petitions will be restored at that time.
The Trump administration has yet to respond to any petitions that have exceeded 100,000 signatures, which necessitate a response from the federal government.
Trump officials told the AP that the administration will begin responding to the petitions once the new website is live sometime next year.
Several of the petitions that have reached that threshold are highly critical of President Trump, including calls for him to release his tax returns, for him to divide or put all of his assets in a blind trust, and for him to resign.
The White House says the move will save taxpayers $1.3 million a year.

That’s out of a $55 million White House budget and allots $4.94 million for information technology to be put to much better use. The new landing page for the website tells us that “All existing petitions and associated signatures have been preserved and will be available when the site is relaunched. Following the site’s relaunch, petitions that have reached the required number of signatures will begin receiving responses.

While the administration says a new website is planned to be released in 2018, that’s likely just a cover story to get away with it entirely, presuming everyone just forgets about it in a few months anyway. Given how this news cycle is progressing, that’s practically a guarantee. After all, the administration has made no effort to reply to the petitions on the platform so far this year, which has been utilized by users as a way to protest the Trump Presidency, and it’s unlikely they’d suddenly develop any interest in doing so with their own website. What’s the point when too many of the petitions are illogical nonsense anyway?

In terms of the federal budget, this program is a fraction of a penny on the dollar, but that’s no excuse to keep it. We don’t even know how many government agencies exist as there is “no authoritative list of government agencies.” All we know is that there are at least 430 in existence.

It’s been conventional political wisdom that spending is never cut because it guarantees those whose department you cut will vote against you. The Trump administration doesn’t seem to care much – and given a national debt over $20 trillion, that’s the kind of attitude we need right now.

A few million pennies saved, is a few million pennies earned. Or, in regards to our national debt, it’s a few million paid back or invested into something more sensible, logical, or useful.

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Frank Lea

Putin Just Got Off the Phone with Trump! This Changes Everything!



The White House has confirmed a phone call occurred between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. What was spoken about during the phone call could change everything involving the narrative with Trump, Russia, and hopes for finding evidence of collusion or any sign that the 2016 Presidential election was tampered with? The day has come for the White House to confirm the phone call between Trump and Putin finally and now we finally get our answers.

Trump and Putin spoke on the phone this weekend, as confirmed by the White House. It was Vladimir Putin who reached out, called Donald Trump, and had some surprising words for the American President. As confirmed by White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Putin’s reason for the call was to thank President Trump for providing information that allowed Russian forces to stop a terror attack in St. Petersburg. The data stopped terrorists from murdering people, allowing citizens to remain safe.

Trump’s CIA shared information with Russia that allowed seven people involved with ISIS to be arrested for their alleged plot to detonate explosive devices in busy areas that would enable them to inflict damage upon many people and structures. The attack was thankfully thwarted, keeping people safe, and placing people in custody who could’ve been responsible for the inexplicable deadly terror attacks.

As reported by Fox News:
“Russia’s Federal Security service said on Friday that seven people connected with ISIS were arrested for allegedly planning a series of explosions in the city’s busiest areas including Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg this past weekend.

The agency also said that a search of the suspects’ apartment in St. Petersburg found explosives, automatic weapons and extremist literature.

The Kremlin also said Russian law enforcement agencies will hand over any information they get about potential terror threats against the United States, as they have done in the past.”

It’s incredible that the CIA can have enough information to share with Russian law enforcement that allows a multitude of ISIS sympathizers to be detained and an unknown number of people protected. Press Secretary Sanders made note that positive things happen when world leaders of various countries work together. That comment could likely be thrown back at her. Anti-Trumpers will possibly say “that’s what happened during the election,” but that would be just another attack on President Trump and his team. Some Democrats still, over one year later, search for ways to denounce Trump’s presidency and victory in the 2016 election. The truth about the election is that the American people voted, Trump won, and there’s no way to change that. Trump won fair and square, even with the Democrats getting caught in possible cheating scandals. Trump and Putin sharing a friendly phone call after plotting terrorists were captured is nothing less than amazing.

Further on the phone call between world leaders is that Sanders mentioned that Putin thanked Mike Pompeo and the entire CIA. Now if only the people who doubt Trump and his leadership could become more involved with making America great, then they would see the positive things going on around them. I digress, they pay too much attention to creating their false narrative and life of being victims.

“The call was confirmed to Fox News and other news outlets early Saturday afternoon by White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who later said the intelligence was a CIA tip related to a series of planned bombings.

Sanders later released a “readout” of the call that stated the leaders agreed while talking that the sharing of the tip “serves as an example of the positive things that can occur when our countries work together.”

She also said Putin thanked Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo and the entire department.

The Kremlin said Putin told Trump during the call that the information provided by the CIA also was sufficient to track down and detain a group of suspects that was planning to bomb the Kazan Cathedral and other sites in the city.

Sanders confirmed that suspects had been captured.”

A little bit of information goes a long way when it comes to law enforcement cooperation for protecting citizens of various countries. The phone call obviously changes the narrative for the Putin/Trump/Russia conspiracy, of which there’s still no evidence of said collusion. It may be a shock to those seeking to place damages on Trump or Putin for tampering with the 2016 election, which is nothing more than a false theory being pushed by anti-Trump

It’s time for the doubters to step forward and finally accept that Trump is doing great things and America is heading in the right direction.

Enough of the Russia, Russia, Russia nonsense. Time to put that to rest and watch America become even stronger than ever.

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