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Breaking News About Muslim anti-Semitism in NYC Saying Jews Should Be Murdered – We Must Stop This!



President Donald Trump correctly recognized Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel and has drawn fire and fury from many irate Muslims around the world. This potentially has the radicalized Islamic terrorists itching for an excuse to exhibit the “days of rage” they have promised. The number of cheers from Trump’s supporters still outnumbered the number of jeers from those who deny his Presidency or feel as though they need to enact rage based on their religion of peace.

And hilariously, what does the media blame this Muslim violence on? It certainly couldn’t have anything to do with their religion, which is a religion of peace, right? Newsweek reported that “BECAUSE OF TRUMP, PEOPLE ARE BURNING ISRAELI FLAGS AND ATTACKING JEWS.” Of course, anyone with a level head will know that it’s not Trump’s fault, nor doing, that caused violent demonstrations.

It’s as if those committing violence have no agency and can be propelled to violence just at the flick of the switch. Or in the case of Trump – the flick of a tweet.

One Twitter user summarized the illogical decisions extremely well.

The protests do however serve one useful purpose and that’s in exposing to the rest of the world what the Palestinian cause really wants. Israeli’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once said, in short form, that if the Arabs laid down their arms there would be peace, but if the Jews laid down theirs, there would be genocide. It’s an obviously true statement – especially given that Israel does have the ability to wipe Palestine off the map if they so desired.

The same can’t be said about the Palestinians, which is a good thing because there’s a decent possibility they’d use that power. You don’t even have to go to the Palestinian territories to hear such views – you just had to pay attention to the anti-Israel protests that broke out here in America.

Freedom Daily reported that “peaceful” Muslims in New York City took it upon themselves to call for the slaughter of Jewish people after President Donald Trump made good on his campaign promise by officially recognizing the ancient city of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and pledging to start moving the US embassy to said city.

Keep in mind these protests weren’t in some middle eastern Islamic location, but rather they were being viciously held in New York City. The aggressive protesters rattled cages by mentioning Khaydar where so many Jewish people were slaughtered and enslaved in a horrible moment in history.

Trump isn’t the first President to acknowledge that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, but he was just the first to officially declare it as much.

Trump Is Not The First To Promise Jerusalem To Israel

Trump is not the first President to promise to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. So why is the media portraying him as a madman, when he's really just keeping a decades-old promise?

Posted by Mike Cernovich on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Interestingly enough, the media didn’t have a problem at all when they said exactly what Trump did under different circumstances.

There is a very serious double standard with some media outlets who think they can say something and it’s OK, but President Trump cannot.

What’s next for the motivated and potentially radicalized Muslim population who is extremely disgusted in Trump’s decision?

What will the truly peaceful members of the Islamic religion do in regards to their fellow religiously aligned associates who protest or participate in violence? Will the respectful members of the Muslim community in New York City speak out against those who utilize their religion as an excuse to commit horrible and violent crimes in the name of Islam?

What will President Trump do in response if there are any violent acts triggered by his decision with Jerusalem?

One protester in New York City can be seen/heard in the video as stating “we’re gonna do something big” and it leaves viewers with only their imagination to behoove them. Does that mean something in the form of a movement that is peaceful and productive? Or is this a precursor to a violent act?

People don’t forget what happened on September 11. It was one night that brought every American closer than ever, showing the astounding resilience that American citizens are known for.

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Frank Lea

BREAKING News- He’s Ready To KILL TRUMP – Won’t Stop



Someone is aiming for President Trump’s head, and Americans are on lockdown regarding keeping an eye on things. We’re only days removed from the most recent terror attack in New York when a man prematurely detonated an explosive device that was attached to his body. The explosion blew off part of his own body and injured a few innocent bystanders who luckily survived the blast. Terror runs high in the blood of radical Islamic terrorists, and they appear to be targeting the innocent as usual, but there’s one person who seems to point the proverbial and potentially genuine attacks towards President Trump, and it looks like he won’t stop until Trump is either dead or impeached.

His name is Nidal Sakr, and he’s part of the Muslim Brotherhood. He has made several Tweets targeting Trump with what appears to be violent threats, words of desiring impeachment, and eventually calling Trump “toast” which infers that he wants Trump to be deceased. It’s astonishing that his Twitter account has yet to be deleted or suspended considering he’s threatening the President of the United States and there should be some level of consequence for openly threatening a person of government. In fact, there should be a consequence for anyone who threatens anyone with any act of violence or words that suggest someone will be killed. It’s one thing to harass someone with random insults, but to threaten or wish violence is much different.

Sakr’s Tweets should be monitored and that’s exactly what Frontpage Magazine has done. They’ve maintained a record of each threat that Sakr presented to the world in regards to President Trump. The threats began as mild threats and escalated into full-blown life threats towards Trump.

Frontpage Magazine reports:
“On October 19th, from a location in Huntington Beach, California, Nidal Mohamed Sakr issued the following in a tweet about Donald Trump: “GET RID OF SOB. IMPEACH OR ELSE!!!!!” The next day, Sakr reiterated his threat with even more obscenity. He tweeted, “GET RID OF THE MF. IMPEACH OR ELSE!!!!!” Ten days later, on October 30th, Sakr dropped the warning and outright called for the death of President Trump. He tweeted, “EXECUTE SOB TRAITOR Donald Trump.” And the same day, he tweeted, “Donald Trump, You Are TOAST… I GUARANTEE IT.”

On December 6th, he tweeted, “Down with America!!!” On December 5th, he tweeted, “AMERICA MUST PAY FOR ELECTING / NOT SACKING POS SOB Donald Trump.” The same day, he tweeted, “ACTION ALERT WORLDWIDE!!! As you protest to shut down US embassies and expel Americans out of your country, Make sure to desecrate & burn a dummy of POS SOB Donald Trump. TEACH THE MF A LESSON!!!!”

Previously, in September, Sakr tweeted a graphic depicting Jerusalem, a Palestinian flag, and a hand gripping a bloodied knife with the description in Arabic, “Strike back and raise the flag above and across Jerusalem…”

Things get heated when it comes to Sakr Tweeting about Trump and the distaste he has for the American President. He doesn’t seem to like Trump very much, nor accept him as a President, let alone be supportive of American culture and lifestyles. Sakr appears to be more interested in his violent threats where he could’ve used his voice to speak out against violence and terrorism. Instead, he seems upset and wants to further the destruction that so frequently comes from the Muslim religion of peace. What people forget is that their voice often carries further than they think and perhaps they should use it for more positive aspects instead of promoting violence on the leadership of America.

Some people place partial blame on former President Obama and his lust for the Muslim Brotherhood and innate inability to speak out against radicalized Islamic terrorism. It’s suggested that Obama directly, or indirectly made it possible for terrorists to have access to billions.

On the contrary, it appears as though President Trump is exceptionally interested in defeating the likes of terror groups such as ISIS. An increased amount of air strikes and America going on the offensive against known terror groups, in hopes to take them out. With a leader like Trump who is set to protect America from attacks and knock the evil out of existence, then it’s no wonder why someone like Sakr might be highly against President Trump.

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Frank Lea

Obama Gives World Leaders Toxic Islamic Ultimatum 24Hrs After Trump’s Travel Ban Goes Into Effect



Trump enjoyed a nice trip traveling through Asia and recently got an update on his previously proposed “travel ban” that targets Muslim nations. The Supreme Court has ruled that President Trump’s travel ban can go into full effect, allowing it to go into full effect to enforce extreme vetting from several mostly Muslim locations. Everything seemed great until former President Barack Obama copied the President and went on his own tour in Asia, pretending to be the President, and Obama had some sickly toxic words for world leaders.

Obama doesn’t shy away when it comes to protecting his alleged religion. He’s a protector of the Islamic culture and believed to be a stout Islamic supporter. He always seemed to ignore the fact that Muslims constantly committed acts of terror and refused to utter the term “radical Islamic terrorist” when innocent victims were scourged. Then Obama travels to Asia and has a lot to say, giving world leaders an ultimatum after Trump’s travel ban went into full effect.

Once again, Obama bends over to the Islamic culture and demands that people do the same. Obama told India that they need to cherish their Muslim population, but forgets people have the option to decline. Numerous people around the world are fed up with the culture that continuously committed heinous acts of terror and murder, leaving families suffering for no reason that even remotely makes sense.

Here’s Obama supporting the people most likely to become terrorists, insisting that everyone else follow suit.

As stated on Economic Times:

“NEW DELHI: India needs to “cherish and nurture” its Muslim population, which is integrated and considers itself Indian, former US president Barack Obama has said. It is an idea that needs to be reinforced, he emphasised at an event of a media organisation in New Delhi on Friday.

Obama touched on a host of topics, including his relationship with Narendra Modi and Manmohan Singh during his address and the question-answer session. Obama said he emphasised the need for religious tolerance and the right to practice one’s own faith during closed door talks with PM Modi during his last trip to India in 2015.”

Religious tolerance makes sense when the religion spends more time doing good things for communities, helping others, and working to support world peace. It’s hard to be tolerant to a religion that constantly finds itself wrapped in terror plots and investigations. It’s hard to be tolerant of a religion that marries children, oppresses women, and throws gay people off the rooftops of high buildings, which proves they’re more intolerant than most.

Are world leaders to be tolerant of the intolerant just to appease political correctness?

It continues…

“Responding to questions, Obama said his comments then were general in nature and he had repeated it in the US as well as in Europe. “There’s a counter narrative taking place, at all times, but it’s particularly pronounced now…

You are seeing it in Europe, you are seeing it in the United States and sometimes you see it in India where those old tribal impulses reassert themselves under leaders who try to push back those impulses and under leaders who try to exploit them,” Obama said…”

Obama is right. There is a huge counter-narrative because Americans and people across the world are fed up with the level of hatred coming from terrorists. People prefer peace, but then they witness criminal activity from terror cells and it becomes more difficult to feel anything but contempt. When countries are constantly under attack from radical Islamic terrorists.

Obama wants to push his agenda on everyone but his family is protected by security and he’s not the relative of a terror attack. Had he been under attack by an exploding van or detonated vest, then perhaps his outlook would be a bit more meager.

Instead, he’s pushing the agenda that people are intolerant and should be more open and accepting of the Muslim culture. The big question is when will the Muslim culture be more open and accepting of everyone else? When will the Muslim followers in America become more acclimated to the civilized culture that we’re constantly striving to perfect?

Obama needs to check his words and remember what happens each time there’s a terror attack.

Trump’s travel ban is designed to protect people from those who wish to do harm. Those who wish to enter America and live peacefully is who the American people will be happy to accept.

Obama needs to remember that Americans want the best for their country and so do others. Peaceful, tolerant, and loving people is who everyone accepts. Terrorist, evil, and harmful should not be tolerated nor cherished.

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U.S. Airport Caught Giving Muslims All-Access Security Pass For Terrifying Reason – Here’s What Else They Had



The great fear that is driving much of political policy today is that America could suffer another 9/11 type attack. Ever since that fateful day, lawmakers have been tasked with making sure that nothing like that ever happens again. The path to that end has been hotly debated since not everyone believes those attacks were prompted by what the attackers said it was prompted by. In other words, even though terrorists always say that they’re doing it in accordance with the laws of their religion, some people don’t want to believe that the religion is at fault.

If it had just been one person, twisting something or taking it out of context, that theory might make sense, but we’ve seen the same pattern time and again. No matter how many times the western world is attacked by a Muslim who’s following his version of Allah’s word, it is brushed off as extremism. Those who would accept Muslims with open arms tend to conveniently forget that those who attack us are just following orders, and even if they did die in the attack, 2 more will rise up to replace him.

The ignorance of the left has expanded to the point that even though planes are being used to target U.S. cities, some of the more progressive liberals have decided that it would be a show of good faith to give local Muslims a tour of the airport security protocols, and just how they work. Little did they know that some of those people would be implicated in a terrorist plot just months later. City Journal reports that the ridiculous tour took place at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in March of 2016:

“A sidebar to the story of the ISIS-affiliated Somali men convicted on terrorism charges last year in federal district court in Minneapolis: one of the men who pleaded guilty and cooperated with the prosecution had worked on the tarmac at Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport (MSP) and could have done serious harm. So had the one who turned informant and was never charged in the case. When his FBI interlocutors persuaded him to turn, he had a question for them: “Can I get my job at the airport back?”

That’s not all. In his March 29, 2016 Star Tribune story, Stephen Montemayor reported in passing that local imams and Muslim ‘community leaders’ had received a ‘behind-the-scenes security tour’ in February last year at MSP. Montemayor mentioned the tour when he noted that Hassan Mohamud—also known as ‘Sheikh Hassan,’ an imam working as a legal assistant for one of the defendants—had been ‘uninvited’ from the tour.

What was that tour for Muslims only all about?
Indeed, what was that tour all about? Also, who were the privileged “Muslim community members” given this backstage visit at the Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport?

Reporter Scott W. Johnson sought answers and soon found himself in a bureaucratic rabbit-hole. Eventually the Department of Homeland Security Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties advised him he had to submit a Freedom of Information Act request to get the information he sought. His reward after “two FOIA requests, two appeals of the responses to my FOIA requests, and one FOIA lawsuit filed in federal district court here” was “78 heavily redacted pages.” (See the FOIA reply here)

The identity of the “Muslim community members” were among the redactions. DHS gives a multitude of statutory reasons for not revealing the identity of the “Muslim community members.” The most bizarre, which we hope to cure right now:

“The FOIA and the case law require that we balance the individual’s privacy right against the public interest in disclosing the individual’s private information. Thus, we must weigh whether those individuals’ right to privacy in detailed information (such as names, demographics and contact information) outweigh the public interest in the planning and execution of the meeting that occurred in February, 2016. But for some Minnesota-based media articles written about the meeting, there was no national interest in the meeting. 

Hopefully we need not await a jihad attack before the identities of those ‘Muslim community members’ are revealed in a post-incident 9/11 Commission-style report.”

A mission statement or community goal officially ceases to be useful when people’s lives start to be at stake. The left with all it’s political correctness and backward agendas seem to be under the impression that there will be some sort of long-term gain from the befriending of the Muslim community when there could be nothing further from the truth.

It is clear that the only reason Muslims are invading the western world in droves is that they’ve rendered their own area of the world uninhabitable with their petty squabbling and ridiculous religions wars. If that’s not warning enough that we should consider their residence here very carefully, the perpetual attacks should have sealed their fate. But no, politicians more worried about the next voting cycle would rather put you and I in danger than actually believe and speak the truth and risk not being re-elected.

Welcome to America, land of the free, home of whoever can trick the social justice warriors into believing they need protection.

[H/T: City Journal]

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